Wished your children were more involved in church?

Have them become an Altar Server! Take this opportunity to have your kids grow in their faith, become more active in the Mass and begin a life of service to our church, our parish community and God Himself! Inviting all children who have received their First Holy Communion for our Altar Server training sessions to … Continue reading Wished your children were more involved in church?

Update: Parish Facebook Page restored

We're pleased to announce that our Parish Facebook page is up and running again! While we remain cautiously optimistic until the stand-off between Facebook and our government is resolved, we celebrate the fact that our page has been restored and we can continue to engage with our parish community via this platform and reach all … Continue reading Update: Parish Facebook Page restored

Parish Facebook Page down

As of last night, our Parish Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/stkevinshp appears to have been inadvertently impacted in the nationwide news ban being enforced by Facebook. Upon navigating to the page, users are presented with a 'No posts yet' message and are unable to view any of our content. We have raised a support request with Facebook … Continue reading Parish Facebook Page down

Lockdown ends/Regular mass resumes

Following the end of the Victorian "circuit-breaker" lockdown on Wednesday night, the church is now open again and you are all welcome to attend our weekday and weekend masses in-person! Bookings are not required but capacity limits, social distancing, mask-wearing, sanitising and registration will continue to be observed in accordance with current government regulations. We … Continue reading Lockdown ends/Regular mass resumes