Message to parishioners from our Parish Priest Fr. Desmond Moloney regarding the immediate cessation of Parish masses, following a directive from the Archbishop of Melbourne

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Dear Parishioners
“We are a diverse community coming together in faith as families and individuals to worship, celebrate and reach out in service”
The aforementioned is the Vision Statement of St. Kevin’s Parish Pastoral council and assist us in the development of the clustering of parish ministries, groups and activities. My view on the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is that it functions most suitably as a representative body.
The “clusters” are always open to changes just as communities, ministries,groups and activities change, sometimes contracting, sometimes expanding.
The Faith Cluster gathers in the RCIA, the Baptism programme, Godstart, the Cathechist programme ..
The Worship Cluster gathers in Liturgy, Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Servers, Sacristan, Children’s litugry, Choirs/Singing groups …
The Outreach Cluster gathers in St. Vincent de Paul, Legion of Mary..
The Service Cluster gathers in the Finance Committee, counting teams, cleaners, working bees, Ministry to the sick..
The Hospitality Cluster gathers in the Social Group, the Friendship group…
The Youth Cluster gathers in the Youth groups.
In the near future there will be a call for nominations for most clusters since there will be a need to find new members to succeed those concluding their time on the PPC.

Fr. Desmond Moloney