St. Kevin’s Church is closed

After seeking further advice from civil authorities, Archbishop Peter, in a letter dated 23rd March (Monday), has called for “the closing of our church doors, not just for the celebration of Mass and other liturgies, but for all activities that would involve the presence of a number of people for a period of time”.

This is sad reality for the parishioners of St. Kevin’s Parish as we find ourselves making one adjustment after another; and in a way representing one loss after another. In his letter, Archbishop Peter also mentions that clarity is being sought with regard to private prayer. Nonetheless, he urges that gatherings of any sort are not to be encouraged in our churches.

“The feeling remains that God is on the journey, too.”
Saint Teresa of Avila

Let us continue in the trust we have in God.

Fr. Desmond J. Moloney
Parish Priest

One thought on “St. Kevin’s Church is closed

  1. I wish to thank Father Des and Father Dong for keeping us informed with regular updates and for the mass posted on youtube last week. It was a beautiful service and greatly appreciated.

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