An Easter message for our Parishioners

Dear Friends in Christ Jesus,


From the beginning of the liturgy on Holy Saturday night when all the natural light has faded, the prayers reminds us, “May the light of Christ rising in glory dispel the darkness of our souls and minds.”

And when the new Easter Candle is held high and the clear statement is made for all to hear, “The Light of Christ.”

The Easter liturgies invite us all to experience the life of God wrapped up together with our own lives.

This year, 2020, we have been experiencing a lot of darkest nights. The whole humanity’s hope is strangled by the darkness of despair, fear and crisis that come in the name of COVID – 19. These are tough times, abnormal times: these are periods of faith in which our certainties, beliefs about God, and even faith, for some, may be eclipsed.

COVID -19 is virtually the Way of the Cross for humanity. Thousands have been crucified to a cruel death by a viral organism that cannot be seen by eyes. Thousands have been walking an excruciating Way of the Cross in many countries. We pray that thousands afflicted and walking in their way of the Cross, be strengthened by the faith that the Cross ends in Resurrection.

We, Catholics and all humanity, wait with joy and hope that this Holy Saturday will end with a victorious Easter. All long dark nights end with the dawn. Evil has an expiry date. The Church is God’s hope-generating agency. So with joy and hope say: “Alleluia! Jesus Christ, our Lord is risen!

Dear Friends, with a very joyful time of Easter, I, on behalf of Fr. Des, the Parish Priest, would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support in challenging time and different ways. I pray that you and your loved ones have a very blessed Easter! When you come before the Lord, please pray for the unity of our parish, for Fr. Des, me, and our staff. Know that we will pray for you, your loved ones and your intentions. We may not see each other this Easter time because of COVID-19, but may we meet each day in our prayers. May the Risen Lord bless you all now and for ever.

In Christ,

Fr. Dong Tran (AP)

7 thoughts on “An Easter message for our Parishioners

  1. Thanks people helping to arrange the mass with father Dong and thanks also the successful surgery of our Parish Priest Father Des.Me and my husband wishing you a quick recovery and you coming back to us we need you and we miss you.God bless you all.Salome/Adrian Lavryssen.

    1. Many thanks to you Salome & Adrian Lavryssen. I wish you & your loved ones a very happy Easter, 2020.
      God bless!

      1. Happy and Blessed Easter to Fr. Des and Fr. Dong and to all St Kevin’s parishioners. Thank you Fr. Dong for the beauty of the ceremonies over the three days and thank you to all those who helped in the different ways.

  2. Easter greetings Dear Fathers at St Kevin’s Parish Hampton Park.
    It is with great joy that I let you know that on 24March 2020 I had my first Grandchild. Minda arrived in the world (all 9lbs weight) a beautiful baby. She was named after her other Grandmother R.I.P.
    who came from the Phillipines.
    We thank God for his Blessings and
    Hope and pray that when it is safe we can soon be able to be together as a family
    Barbara Gaffney

  3. Happy Easter to Father Des and Father Dong. May the Risen Christ bless, guide and protect you always. Thank you Father Dong for the Easter Services that we were able to take part in and to all the volunteers who assisted. Thanks to those who organised the Divine Mercy Novena as well.
    We wish Father Des a speedy recovery.

    1. Many thanks to you Mrs D Hickman. I wish you and your family a so very joyful and peaceful Easter too.

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