Light In The Darkness

Next week, as we approach the eve of spring, Christians and all people of faith are invited to unite in prayer for our world. As the last light of the last day of winter fades on Monday 31 August, you are invited to light a candle, stand in your front garden and spend some time in silence and prayer to remember all those who have lost their lives to Covid-19 or to violence this year. As the first night of spring begins, let us look to the future with prayer and hope.

2 thoughts on “Light In The Darkness

  1. Thanks Howard for the message about “Light in the Darkness”. We were able to participate last night by praying in silence and aloud in our front garden with a large lighted candle. It was pleasing to know that there were 7 other members of the Legion of Mary who also participated at their own homes. It was great that St Kevin’s parish advertised this time of prayer so that we could take part. God bless everyone.

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