Welcome Fr Anil Mascarenhas!

We welcome Fr Anil Mascarenhas into our St. Kevin’s Parish family as he assumes his new role this week as our Assistant Parish Priest! Fr Anil comes to us from St. Andrew’s, Werribee where he has served as Assistant Parish Priest for over 3 years.

Fr. Anil was born and raised as the eldest of four siblings in a devout Catholic family in the State of Karnataka in India. The desire to pursue his vocation to the priesthood has been from his early childhood. He was deeply influenced by many priests and religious from his extended family, who set an excellent example by their committed lives and their selfless services. During his university days he had an opportunity to spend time in a Jesuit mission camp, witnessing the Jesuit missionary work among poor and downtrodden people that made him think more seriously about his vocation to the priesthood. He was convinced that through his positive response to this call, he could serve God and his neighbours in the best possible way. Fr. Anil holds a Bachelor degree in Economics, a Post Graduation Diploma in Human Resources and a Masters in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work. He joined the Seminary in Mumbai where he completed his Philosophy studies. In 2012, he accepted an invitation from Archbishop Prowse to a spirit-filled international youth retreat in India. This again ignited him to be a missionary and Archbishop Denis Hart accepted him to the Archdiocese of Melbourne. He continued his Priestly Formation in Corpus Christi College Seminary and has completed his Bachelors in Theology and Masters in Theology from Melbourne University of Divinity. Fr. Anil spent a pastoral year in 2014 at St Monica’s Parish in Moonee Ponds, and a year as a Deacon from 2016 to 2017 at Queen of Peace Parish in Laverton. He was ordained a Priest of Jesus Christ by Archbishop Hart at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 9th September 2017 and was appointed as an Assistant Priest at St. Andrew’s Parish in Werribee, where he served until earlier this week. Fr. Anil expresses his deep gratitude for every blessing in his journey and the opportunity to serve God and His people as His humble servant in His vineyard.

As Fr. Anil begins his priestly ministry he humbly requests your prayers and support to work tirelessly in this new home St. Kevin’s family as a true instrument of God in bringing people toward God and for the extension of His Kingdom.

5 thoughts on “Welcome Fr Anil Mascarenhas!

  1. Welcome to St. Kevin’s Father Anil. We look forward to working together with you. All God’s Blessings.

  2. Welcome Fr. Anil to St. Kevin’s Parish. I hope you settle in soon and enjoy your term at our parish. Look forward to meeting you and being of assistance in any way.
    Warm Regards

  3. Happy Anniversary Fr. Anil and all God’s Blessings. Hopefully this is all over and Pandora tires of us we can all get together and celebrate your journey.
    God Bless.
    Sabrina and Dad Rudy Hendricks.

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