Parish Facebook Page down

As of last night, our Parish Facebook page appears to have been inadvertently impacted in the nationwide news ban being enforced by Facebook. Upon navigating to the page, users are presented with a ‘No posts yet’ message and are unable to view any of our content. We have raised a support request with Facebook to re-instate our page and are awaiting their response. In the meantime, all Parish notifications will continue to be shared via our Parish website

4 thoughts on “Parish Facebook Page down

  1. Hi Howard.
    This is okay for people like me who do not follow social media and probably best to read the Church news via the website or subscribe to the newsletters.

  2. Not good . . I enjoy getting updates via FB, as I am constantly away from home and websites are not so easy to access.

    but it is another challenge that has been put before us that we SHALL rise up to hear Gods word joyfully.

    Thanks for the update Howard.

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