Thank you for the great response to the call for altar servers!

Our sincere thanks to all the children who accepted our invitation to become an altar server and who came for the training sessions on 27th Saturday and 28th Sunday in the Church. It was lovely to see 56 newcomers attend the training to join our Altar Servers’ Ministry!

Parents, we are grateful to you for your support and encouragement for our young children to grow in their faith journey. Our thanks also to both primary school principals and staff for your support and encouragement towards our children. We appreciate the dedication of our Altar Servers’ Committee members and altar server coordinator Martin Thomas in training our altar servers to serve on the altar with reverence.

Thank you once again for your “Yes” to serve and your commitment to grow in your faith journey. We are here to support you, parents we need your continued commitment to helping our young people in their faith journey.

Please Note: We will have an Altar Servers’ Commissioning Mass on 14th March at 6 pm and there will be another Altar Servers training on the 21st of March at 2 pm in the Church.

With a grateful heart
Fr. Anil Mascarenhas

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