Recap: Altar Servers Training Session held on 16-Apr-2021

Big Thank you and God Bless you…

(You are called in particular to be young friends of Jesus…)

Dear friends,

We thank God for another positive response to the Altar Servers’ training session on Friday, 16th April in the Church. It was wonderful to see even in their school holidays nearly 50 children have attended this training session. We welcomed again two newcomers who came for the training and served for Sunday Mass.

Thank you, Children and young people, for your desire to serve and to grow in your faith journey. Parents, please continue to support these young children and thank you for making sacrifices for them.

We appreciate the dedication of our Altar Servers’ Committee members and altar server coordinator Martin Thomas in training our Altar Servers.

Thank you once again for your “Yes” to serve and your commitment to grow in your faith journey.

With a grateful heart,

Fr. Anil Mascarenhas

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