Parish Renewal Programme Week 2 – Our Parish Weekend


Welcome to week two of our Parish Renewal Programme and this week is all about our FAITH and our PARISH. We ask you to reflect on the importance of faith in your life. Is your faith the foundation of who you are? Does it drive the way you choose to live your life?

We also ask you to re-affirm the importance of Sunday Mass – how we come together as a community to celebrate our faith. The Eucharist is something much bigger than ourselves – it is not a private or anonymous experience. The communal celebration of the Eucharist at Sunday Mass gives us the spiritual nourishment to live our lives as true disciples of Jesus.

Finally this week we ask you to commit to growing in faith – to take the opportunity to learn and develop a mature understanding of our faith. Our Parish Priest, Fr Des will have a special Homily this weekend on this most important aspect of the Programme.


This key event of the Programme will be held on Tuesday 31 May at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall. This is a great opportunity to get together, celebrate our achievements and discuss our plans for the future. Light refreshments will be provided.

THOUGHTS FROM OUR LEADERSHIP TEAM on celebrating faith as a parish community?

– With no parish community, I don’t think my faith would have grown to what it is today

– We are all children of our Lord and thus are part of one family. Celebrating our faith as a parish community means celebrating our love for all our family

– Family is the basic unit of faith life. Being in a parish helps strengthen and consolidate our faith life both on a personal level and in family units

– A sense of community and a feeling of belonging and inner peace; spiritual growth

– Church communty worship is still evolving to me personally; still a work in progress

– Parish community is important as it is almost like part of our own family

– Being part of a Parish Community makes me feel supported and motivated as a collective being, to glorify the Lord, our God

– It means being a part of the parish and being an active participant at not only the Eucharist but in other parish activities too


“In the Eucharist we feel this belonging to the Church, to the people of God, to the Body of God, to Jesus Christ.” 5 February 2014

Together we pray for the success of the Programme:

Parish Renewal Programme Prayer

Dear Lord, we thank you for our Parish of St Kevin’s – Hampton Park.

We are called to service and to witness, through our Baptism;

and in the Eucharist we sustain and strengthen that call.

We follow your example and proclaim our beliefs, by serving others.

We demonstrate our love and care, by our Christian generosity.

Help us Lord, to always worship you as you deserve, to grow in faith and service

and to give without counting the cost.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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