Congratulations! Our Altar Servers awarded the Guild of St. Stephen Medal

On Friday, 20th May, 2022, Twenty Altar Servers from our St. Kevin’s Parish were admitted into the Guild of St.Stephen and awarded the Guild of St. Stephen Medal by Archbishop Peter Comensoli at a Holy Mass at St.Patrick’s Cathedral, East Melbourne for their committed service as altar servers.

Congratulations to…

Ayan Mathew Biswas

Benjamin Gomes

Christabel Gomes

Micaela La’Forgue

Aria Martin

Anna Oliveira

Joel Prince

Krystal Razu

Lukas Rughoo

Ryan Rughoo

Brandon Scurville

Jessica Scurville

Sheldon Scurville

Chenara Silva

Clare Silva

Shannon Silva

Bristo Stephen

Christo Stephen

Edwina Thomas

Lachie Thomson

“The Guild of Saint Stephen is established to foster a deeper awareness and understanding of the liturgy by ministers of the altar and to improve understanding of and participation in the liturgy by parishes and communities.”

“Members of the Guild have Saint Stephen as their patron saint. St. Stephen was a deacon in the church. He assisted the apostles by his service to God’s people and was the first Christian to be martyred for the faith.”

90 Altar Servers from around the Melbourne Archdiocese, including 20 from our parish along with their family and friends attended this solemn occasion and the church witnessed the faith of young people.

As we congratulate all the Altar servers and their families, we are also grateful to our Archbishop Peter, our Priests, Parents and Guild of St.Stephen committee for encouraging our young people and giving this opportunity to grow in their faith journey.

Children, thank you once again for your “Yes” to serve at the altar, for the glory of God and your commitment to grow in your faith journey.

God bless you all.

Fr. Anil Mascarenhas

3 thoughts on “Congratulations! Our Altar Servers awarded the Guild of St. Stephen Medal

  1. A great blessing to have heard the call, and responded whole heartedly. Congratulations to you all. May your continue to listen to your heart and feel Gods calling. It is a great blessing to serve in the Church.

  2. Well done and Congratulations to the great group of Alter Servers. It is such a pleasure to attend Mass on a Sunday to see you all whole heartedly take part in the Mass which adds to the celebration.
    God’s Blessings to you all and to Fr. Anil for a job well done.

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