Recap – Parish Fundraiser Dance 9-Jul-2022

Our Parish Dance was held on Saturday 9th July and this time around all proceeds were going to a very special cause; to help send our youth to World Youth Day 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal! This time’s dance was a collaboration between the Social Group and the St. Kevin’s Youth group and the sold-out event was enjoyed by everyone who attended the evening! Apart from the amazing variety of food and desserts on sale and the huge number of raffle prizes that were won on the night, the highlight of the evening was the music that kept the crowd on their feet all night! As a Parish, our hearts are bursting with pride at the professional quality of musical talents of our very own youth! Well done SKY!!

Events of this scale cannot happen without the people who volunteer their time and effort, who take on various roles to help things go smoothly and the one’s who donate food, funds and gifts for the raffles (we had so many donations that we’ve had to save some for a future event!).. and needless to say, all of you that supported the cause by attending! A special shout out to RnB Events for continuing to support our Parish events and for donating the sound and decor for the event! To all of you… WE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! Stay tuned St Kevin’s…there’s more to come!!

One thought on “Recap – Parish Fundraiser Dance 9-Jul-2022

  1. Kudos to all involved.
    We have a very bright future ahead with our vibrant and constructive youth that will be leading our community in the not too distant future in Gods name.
    I am in awe of these young leaders.
    Congratulations to the parents too.
    Thank you Lord.

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