Recap: Hoppers Night

Hoppers Night! What an event!

The youth of our Parish recently hosted a Hoppers Night and it surely went down a real treat! It was another example of what a vibrant Parish we belong to, and how vast and passionate our youth are! The hoppers were delicious and served by the plenty, which is a big thanks to The Curry Grove and Rodney Wilson. So many of our generous parishioners also donated scrumptious curries which everyone, I’m sure, certainly enjoyed! We would also like to sincerely thank RnB Events for their ongoing support to our Parish, and also in making Hoppers Night so smooth and enjoyable! We would also like to thank our very own youth photographer, Jude Rodrigo, for capturing this memorable event! It was not only the food that was such a big hit but the night was full of games, music and togetherness! So many of our parishioners out shone themselves during the karaoke session! We truly are such a talented bunch! We played tombola and many other games and it was so special seeing our community together in such high spirits! As one big family! It was especially lovely to celebrate with our Parish Priest, Fr. Des on his Anniversary of 43 years of priesthood. We continue to pray for him and thank him for his ongoing support. Of course our huge raffle also came to a close, and someone finally scored the huge portable fridge! There were so many others who also left the night with awesome prizes, but I think everyone felt like a winner after those hoppers!

It was a truly beautiful evening for our community to come together, enjoy some awesome food and partake in the festivities! We did an amazing job coming together in support of the youth of our parish and in raising funds for us to attend World Youth Day next year. And from all of the youth who are so excited to go, we would like to extend the biggest THANK YOU to all those who helped make Hoppers Night the night it was!

We’d like to deeply thank the families of our parish and their generosity, as well as our own families for their constant support too!

God Bless.

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