Reopening of the Church and resumption of daily masses

And update from Fr Des Moloney on 19-May-2020

The start to the celebration of Masses and “open church” today (Tuesday) took place in a very orderly fashion. Everything was arranged extremely well in the foyer for parishioners to register for a particular Mass. Some wished to attend the 9.15am Mass, while others registered for another time. So, some came and went quickly. Others, of course, went into the church joyfully, thankful for finally being able to be in the church, to pray and prepare for Mass. Apart from the few support people, including the sacristans, there were ten attendees at the 9.15am Mass. There were nine attendees at the 4.00pm Mass. Some names have been put down for each of the Masses this week. Though none have been filled up completely as yet.

For the smooth beginning today, I would like to gratefully acknowledge the work of Sanele, Selina and Ami Leaumoana, and Henrico Gontran and Anne Van Der Straaten.

Fr. Desmond J. Moloney
Parish Priest

2 thoughts on “Reopening of the Church and resumption of daily masses

  1. Dear Fr. Des,
    Thank you for having regular masses, just wondering if were able to register for the masses online.

    1. Hi Indira,

      As of now, the only way to register for daily masses is to visit the church and put your name down on the list in the foyer. If that process changes, we will put out a notification on the website and our Facebook page and let everyone know.


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