21-Jun-2020 Update: Extension of state of emergency in Victoria

The recent rise in COVID cases throughout Victoria has led the government to extend the state of emergency for at least four more weeks. As of 11:59pm Sunday 21 June 2020, numbers in places of worship will remain at 20 until at least 12-July-2020 (dependant on trending health concerns and advice). This is deeply disappointing for us at St. Kevin’s as we were preparing to welcome larger numbers this week and progress a step closer to normalcy. We continue to strongly encourage everyone to follow our government’s advice and help to ensure the well-being and safety of our loved ones and our wider community.

Our parish newsletter for this weekend contains information about an online booking system to register your intention to attend weekday masses at St. Kevin’s. This was set up in anticipation of the number of attendees at our masses being increased to 50. Since the increase in the number of attendees is no longer going ahead, the online booking system has been suspended for the immediate future and we are reverting to the booking system in the church foyer that we’ve had in place for the last few weeks.

While our intention is to honour all confirmed bookings that were made via our online booking system, unfortunately we are over-subscribed for a couple of Masses in the coming week (i.e. we’ve got more than 20 confirmed attendees). If you are one of the individuals that can now no longer be permitted to attend a Mass that you have a confirmation for, one of our Sacristians will reach out to you during the week and let you know.

Please check our Mass Times page for details of our Mass timings and instructions on how you can register to attend one of our weekday masses.

5 thoughts on “21-Jun-2020 Update: Extension of state of emergency in Victoria

  1. Thank you Howard,we continue hoping and praying to come back our normal celebration mass in St.Kevin’s.

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  2. Last week I booked with Try Booking for WED 24June @ 7pm MASS. Now I read that numbers have decreased to 20 people. I await your response to this. Thanks BGAFFNEY

    1. Hi Barbara, the majority of confirmations that were issued by TryBooking are still valid. There’s just a couple of masses that have now ended up being over-subscribed. If you don’t hear from one of our Sacristians by tomorrow morning then your booking still stands for the Wed 7 PM mass. God bless

    1. Hi Barbara, Registrations for weekday masses can only be made by putting your name down in the book that is placed in the church foyer. Please see our ‘mass times’ page for details on when the church/foyer is open. God bless!

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