Thanksgiving envelopes are ready for collection

The latest sets of Thanksgiving envelopes are available for collection from the church foyer until 3-Jul. They can be picked up during the times when the church is open for private prayer and upto 20 mins before any of our weekday masses. Please check out our mass times page for details.

While collecting your envelopes, if you see a pack with a neighbour’s address or the address of someone that lives down the street from you and you could do them a favour by dropping it off in their mailbox, please do! It would be greatly appreciated!

For envelopes that are not collected by 3-Jul, efforts will be made to have volunteers deliver them.

If you do not find your designated pack of thanksgiving envelopes waiting for you in the foyer, please contact the Parish Office on 9799 2108 or

Please return your envelopes with your contributions to the Parish Office whenever it is convenient for you to do so. The office is open between 9:30AM to 4:00PM weekdays but if you would prefer to do a weekend or after-hours dropoff, please slip them into the mail slot in the front door of the Parish office (i.e. the door facing the street).

Thanks again to all our parishioners who have switched over to online contributions! Making contributions by credit card or direct debit is a safe, easy, convenient and cost-effective way of continuing your support for our Parish and our priests. Please refer to our Support Us page for more information.

Fr Des personally thanks all our parishioners that continue their support

Dear Parishioners,

This is a brief note to gratefully acknowledge your involvement in the Planned Giving Programme of St. Kevin’s Parish. Your financial support of the parish enables the coming together as families and individuals to worship, celebrate and reach out in service. Put simply, you are contributing towards the very life and spirit of St. Kevin’s.

Over the past year, we have seen continued improvements to the landscaping around the church, as well as a renewal of the “islands”, with enclosed paths, on the edge of the car park. In the going forward, a new Parish Centre looms large.

May you know God’s blessings

Fr Desmond Moloney

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