08-Jul-2020 Update: St. Kevin’s Church is closed again

Following upon the announcement by the Victorian Government, Archbishop Peter Comensoli has written to signal the changes that have to be made and to express his support and understanding in view of the kind of impact these will have on the Church in Melbourne.

From Thursday, 9th July:

  • Public Celebration of Mass is not permitted. Only the recording or live-streaming of Mass is permitted. The programme of Masses on weekdays in St. Kevin’s Church is now suspended.
  • Private prayer in the church is not permitted. The programme of “open church” sessions on weekdays is now suspended.

I am grateful for your understanding. May the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, watch over and guide not only our parish community, but also the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Let us continue in St. Kevin’s Parish to be a prayerful community in commending ourselves to the Holy Family.

Fr Desmond Moloney

3 thoughts on “08-Jul-2020 Update: St. Kevin’s Church is closed again

  1. Thank you Fr Dong for Mass today Sun 12July 2020. I watched and listened to your homily twice as it sent great message of hope and love and service to God and others. Acts of kindness every day and and a cheerful heart which we need to observe mostly at this time of CoVid lockdown.

  2. Congratulations and thank you Fr Dong and all the team for bringing our Lord to our homes. We are so grateful. Special mention to the beautiful singing Polita, Anita for the very clear Readings and beautiful key board playing.
    Full marks to you Fr for the exceptional singing.

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