Rare blood call out – Pacific Donor Blood Drive

Lifeblood is supporting a number of patients of Islander and Filipino background with a rare blood type who need ongoing blood transfusions.

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood have supplied frozen units from their inventory and imported fresh units from the New Zealand Blood Service because we currently do not have any donors here in Australia who are compatible and currently eligible to donate and assist these patients.

Blood types are a lot more complicated than people think, consisting of more than just the commonly recognised groups A, B and O.  In fact, there are more than 300 variants, and for patients with rare blood types, an exact match is vital. 

The blood type required is rare in the general population, but can be found in one per cent of those with Polynesian and Filipino heritage.  In order to find donors with the same rare blood type, we are urging people of Pacific Islander and Filipino background to donate blood this April and May to find a match for three patients with this rare blood type.

These patients are located around the country and have medical conditions which mean they need blood transfusions. 

How can you help ?

Social media 

Share your own message with one of the video below. Please make sure people mention they want to donate for the “Pacific Donor Drive” – either to our friendly reception staff when they donate or via 13 14 95 and lifeblood.com.au.

Join the Share Life, Share Love team, and start an amazing journey to save lives.

And if you are of Pacific Islander or Filipino descent, roll up your sleeve and donate.  You may be the one to help those three people with rare blood types.

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