Thank you Michelle and farewell!

Michelle Rimmelzwaan is bringing to an end twenty-three years as parish secretary in St. Kevin’s Parish!

She was employed by Fr. Brendan Lane and has served many priests over the years, as well as the parish community. A strong memory for Michelle occurred during Fr. John Tollan’s time when there was a break-in at the Parish House and then the resultant actions taken by Fr. John to make the front door much more secure.

Undoubtedly, Michelle has seen a host of changes through her work in the Parish Office, and has had to strike a balance between being a parish employee and a parishioner. Nonetheless she has tried to serve in a friendly fashion, remarking from time to time that she has loved her job. Grounded deeply in her Catholic faith, I know first-hand of Michelle’s understanding of and loyalty to priests. Her long experience has enabled her to understand the nature of parish life, particularly here in St. Kevin’s Parish, and relatedly to observe and understand priests in their
service of God, the Church, and the parish community. Our prayers and all good wishes go with Michelle into the next phase of life.

Fr Desmond J. Moloney

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