Upcoming Altar Server Training Session – Sunday 16 May @ 3 PM

Dear friends,

There will be an Altar Servers’ Training session held on Sunday 16th of May at 3pm in the Church. All Altar Servers are expected to attend this training. If you know any of your friends who made their First Holy Communion and want to join the Altar Servers ministry, please invite them for this training.

Parents, if you want your children to grow in their faith journey and if you have missed the opportunity to enrol them in the Altar Servers’ Ministry, you may wish to make use of this opportunity. Thank you for the continuous encouragement for your children to grow in their faith journey. 

Altar Servers, thank you once again for your “Yes” to serve and your commitment to grow in your faith journey. 

Please note: All the parents or guardians of the child/children must sign in and sign out on the sheet provided on the training days. Please arrive by 2:45 pm at the church. 

God bless you all and see you on Sunday at the training.

With a grateful heart,

Fr. Anil Mascarenhas

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