Important notice regarding numbers in church

Parishes in the Archdiocese of Melbourne have been strongly urged to emphasise the importance of using the free QR code service (now mandatory) provided by the Victorian Government. Whenever it can be done, the QR code should be used for recording purposes, whether you are in the church or the hall. Failure to comply may incur hefty fines.

Places of worship continue to labour under the restrictions that have been in place since late February. This means the 1 person per 2sq. metres still prevails, and St. Kevin’s has a seating guide in order to ensure this quotient of social distancing is observed. Our Sacristans at Sunday Masses (inc. the Vigil Masses at 5.00pm and 7.00pm) need assistance from marshals as well as other parishioners who take responsibility for the availability of the Hall. At a meeting this week of Sacristans and others that it was agreed:

  • Those who come to worship at St. Kevin’s are encouraged to arrive in sufficient time in order to assist the count of attendees and avoid any disappointment should they be asked to go to the Hall.
  • A ‘first come, first served’ approach will be taken. It is requested that it is made known to the Sacristan or one of the priests of any person(s) with special needs. A count of attendees is required at our Sunday Masses so as not to exceed the maximum number permitted in the church.
  • On exceeding the maximum number, signs will make it clear that the church is full and the direction is to go to the Hall, and the front doors of the church will be closed.

Strict, though they may seem, measures such as these are adopted to serve one another in community given the restrictions that have been imposed upon us.

Fr. Desmond J. Moloney

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