Recap: Good Friday Passion Play organised by St Kevin’s Youth

Thank you to everyone who participated in, and helped with the Passion Play. There were more than 50 youth and young children that took part in the singing, acting, set up and sound on the day. The play started at 9 am, but everyone came as early as 6:30 am to help set up, and also gave countless hours to practice their parts.

A special thank you to all the parents who provided food at rehearsals and Anita for coordinating this. Thank you also to Ravi (RnB Events) for organising the sound, and the social group for providing breakfast early in the morning. Thank you to Francis for helping with the set up of the Cross, and to Howard and Anita for their help with the booklets.
Finally, a special thank you to Fiona, Ana, Audet, Angelica and Rosalia who helped sew the costumes.

May God continue to bless our parish community abundantly!

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